Monday, August 3, 2020 USA, LLC

Watch the Devolver Direct 2020


Once again, Devolver Digital unleashed some marketing propaganda in the form of a live stream with this year’s Devolver Direct 2020. It’s almost 45 minutes of marketing, video games, trailers, gameplay, and interviews that you really shouldn’t miss. There’s even a game about themselves, and it’s playable.

Enjoy the marketing.

Play the marketing:

Directed and Produced by Imagos Films

Thumbnail by Lauren Lehmann

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Are You Failing Right Now? Congrats

qotd 24apr20

Quote of the Day for Friday April 24, 2020 comes from @ashnichrist via Twitter.

How to Get Carried in the Mythic Storm King


Twitch streamer kipperzGG is building a community in the Save the World mode of the popular video game Fortnite by Epic Games. A highly sought after request from streamers is to assist players in defeating the Mythic Storm King. Completing tasks and becoming eligible to take on the beast grants successful players Mythic level schematics for high power weapons.

I’ve carried over 1400 players through the Mythic Storm King of all power levels. Watch this now for requirements and tips to get carried.

The above video gives viewers of kipperzGG’s stream the requirements and tips on how to prepare to not only take on the Mythic Storm King, but to be ready when they need assistance in doing so. Good Luck Commander!

How to Earn FREE Bits on Twitch


You can support your favorite streamer on Twitch by Cheering using Bits. For the unfamiliar, a cheer is simply a message in chat that uses bits, usually accompanied by an animated emote. Bits are purchased in various amounts, when can then be used one at a time, a few here and there, or all at once.

It is possible to get bits, without spending money, by watching short 30 second ads. Unfortunately, earning bits by interacting with ads is only available for U.S. viewers using a desktop browser.