How to Build a Liquid Cooled System with the DeepCool CL500


DeepCool has a brand new build guide for a liquid cooled system using the newly released CL500, their new high airflow mid-tower ATX case. The video is a broad visual overview of the install, highlighting what the new case is capable of. The CL500 case supports ATX, M-ATX, as well as Mini-ITX motherboards. The top of the case supports 2x 120mm fans with a 240mm radiator, while the front can handle 3x 120mm fans with the 360mm radiator. The rear of the case has room for a single 120mm fan.

There is plenty of room with 165mm of CPU cooler clearance as well as 330mm of clearance for your GPU of choice. Vertical GPU installation is possible with the DeepCool PAB 300. Inside the case features a relocatable drive cage and support for a 160mm standard ATX PS2 power supply unit. Also included is a fan hub, while providing up to 4 fan connections, allows for connecting the all-in-one (AIO) pump wire to a white header. The fan hub simply connects to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard.

There are 2 ways to control the RGB lighting in this particular build. The first method would be connecting the RGB wires to the fan hub, then to the motherboard header. Alternatively, using the included wire controller, simply connect the RGB wires to the SATA cable.

SSD installation involves using the mounting plates and plugging in power and SATA cables. A few final steps, showcased in the video, involve connecting the CPU power supply and motherboard power supply cables, as well as the USB 3.0 and Type-C connections, of course making sure to check documentation for more detailed instruction. Then on to the power switch, reset, and LED light cables, again referencing manuals for specifics. Finally, don’t forget the front I/O and audio connections for that easy access convenience.

The final minute of the video wraps everything up with a PAB 300 and vertical GPU vertical installation. While the video is not a detailed step-by-step instructional presentation, the nearly six minutes of installation and information really gives a good idea of what the CL500 ATX case can do for pc building enthusiasts.

Check out more from DeepCool on their YouTube Channel.


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