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Just Go Live mentality is killing your stream


Well-known stream coach Ashnichrist posted several new videos on YouTube and a few helpful resources for aspiring streamers. One such video (above), Why Just Go Live is KILLING Your Twitch Stream discusses why streams experience low viewing numbers and what can be done to fix it by using viewer experience funnels. Another video (below), Harris Heller’s Biggest Secret uncovers just how Harris Heller takes a simple strategy and uses it to grow his business and community exponentially. Don’t miss how NSYNC is related to this video!

In addition to overhauling the Ashnichrist Discord, a free new ebook was released that features a case study on quadrupling ad revenue on YouTube in just 4 months. The downloadable ebook, The Big YouTube Breakdown Case Study, discusses consistency, niches, what CPM means, 4 techniques for increasing ad revenue, and a mistake that could have cost the YouTube channel and brand everything.

For more info on Ashnichrist, visit her on Twitter or catch her on Twitch.


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