Ashes of Creation Aquatic Mounts and Dev Update

Intrepid Studios Show Off Water Mounts in 4K


Intrepid Studios’ next testing phase for their upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation is coming this Fall 2020. This past week, the team held their monthly livestream, this time with a focus on an exciting preview of aquatic mounts (yes, turtles and tortoises included!) all while showcasing the title with 4K resolution footage. If you missed it, you can watch the entire video (above) as Creative Director Steven Sharif shows off various rideable creatures in the waters of Verra, and sharing additional details on design process and community driven testing.

Ashes of Creation Sep Dev 2020

Check out over an hour of the pre-alpha development highlights from the stream (above), with a preview of dwarven architecture, coastal environments, community Q&A, and an Alpha One key contest giveaway announcement. If you prefer the abbreviated version (running just over 24 minutes) of the Early Preview 4K footage, which focuses on the aquatic mounts, you can see that as well (below).

Just the Early Preview 4K Footage

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